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The Card Deck

The Card Deck

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The card deck contains 86 cards with the same information as the booklet. Using this format, you can easily discuss topics with your birth team or partner. Additionally, you can hang your cards in places you frequently visit, to remind yourself of the topics that are important to you.

Available later 2024

Content List



  • The basics of giving birth
  • Ambiance
  • Movement
  • For (birth) partners
  • Affirmations

The birth experience

  • Early labor
  • Active labor
  • Giving birth
  • Birth in hospital settings

Empowered choices

  • Feeling in control
  • (Medical) Interventions
  • Checklist

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  • Shipping end of March

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The purpose of Birth Guides is to serve as a directory for exploring topics around giving birth, not as a source of medical advice. Always check with your medical team or midwife what is most appropriate and possible in your situation. Birth Guides can not be held responsible for potential inaccuracies or incompleteness communicated its products (Booklet, Card Deck, Posters, Arcticles or Website). We are always looking to optimise our content >

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