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Your Birth Guide

Your Birth Guide

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This booklet summarizes most pregnancy courses and birth preparation books without overwhelming you. It is thoughtfully designed for the pregnant mind that can only process a few things at a time.

Through simple explanations and accompanied by illustrations, it is aimed to make complex topics easy and build confidence along the way.

This guide is both a great starting point for birth preparations and a summary of all your preparation efforts. Having all the topics in one place will give you peace of mind.

It is an open and generic approach to birth that considers both home and hospital births. No matter where you give birth or how your birth turns out, it allows you to be flexible and make your own choices.

A6 paperback - 192 pages - Shipping worldwide
ISBN 9789083308814


Content List



  • The basics of giving birth
  • Ambiance
  • Movement
  • For (birth) partners
  • Affirmations

The birth experience

  • Early labor
  • Active labor
  • Giving birth
  • Birth in hospital settings

Empowered choices

  • Feeling in control
  • (Medical) Interventions
  • Checklist

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Birth Guides provides general guidance in preparing for labor and childbirth in your third trimester and is not a substitute for personalized advice from healthcare experts. Birth Guides cannot be held responsible for outcomes related to the use of this information nor for potential inaccuracies or incompleteness communicated in its products (Booklet, Card Deck, Posters, Arcticles or Website). Consult with your midwife or medical professionals for tailored guidance.

While primarily based on practices in the Netherlands, the principles covered are universally relevant, whether you plan to give birth at home, in a birth center or in hospital.

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