Simple guides for everyone.

Helping to-be parents navigate the world of giving birth.

Key Principles

Knowledge builds trust

  • Learning about your body’s capabilities and supporting hormones will help you trust your body more
  • Knowing your options throughout the birth experience will help you remain flexible in different situations

Relaxation moves birth forward

  • Relaxation techniques can help you achieve a better birth experience
  • Taking ownership of a safe and relaxing environment can be achieved with little effort

Movement aligns your baby before and during birth

  • Preparing your body in your third trimester with exercise benefits labor positions
  • Different positions and movement help labor progress 

A positive mindset leads to confidence

  • Listening to positive stories will help condition your mind
  • Facing your fears before birth can be essential to building confidence 

Themes & Topics


  • The basics of giving birth
  • Ambiance
  • Movement
  • For (birth) partners
  • Affirmations

The birth experience

  • Early labor
  • Active labor
  • Giving birth
  • Birth in hospital settings

Empowered choices

  • Feeling in control
  • (Medical) Interventions
  • Checklist

Different ways to prepare for your birth experience

Your Birth Guide | Booklet

Knowledge builds trust. The booklet summarises all aspects of birth in a clear and understandable manner.

You will find simple explanations, accompanied by illustrations. Easy to action in your own way, whether you plan to give birth at home, in a birth center or in a hospital.

Developed with soon-to-be parents & birth professionals.

A6 paperback - 192 pages

Pre-order Available

Prenatal Yoga Exercises

Movement is a key element and you can start to prepare your body for birth with these exercises in your third trimester.

Posters are available in digital format to be printed up to A2 format. Various designs to match your interior.

When you see something often, you remember it better. Print it out and start to develop a daily routine.

Find yours here


When I was preparing for birth, I felt super overwhelmed by the amount of information to process. There are many wordy books and elaborate courses available, but my foggy pregnancy brain needed a simple summary. I could not find one, so I started my own.

Many to-be parents do not prepare for their experience because they are overwhelmed, do not like to read or do not feel they can influence the experience. With this project, my aim was to tackle all barriers, one visual at a time.

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