Photo by Nina Moerdijk

Birth Guides was created out of the need to have a clear and simple outline of what to expect during labor and the birth of my baby. Despite reading many books and attending a long HypnoBirthing course, I had trouble explaining to my partner what to do when labor began. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information to process, and my foggy pregnancy brain needed a simple summary. I started writing a short guide with images to explain to my partner what to do during every phase of the birth experience. As I shared my frustrations with other pregnant women, I realized I wasn’t alone. Many expecting parents were in need of simple summaries to prepare for the birth experience. As a result, the idea for Birth Guides was born. A platform for to everyone, to prepare for birth in simple language. 

You will find all the fundamental principles covered in other books or courses, but in a shorter format geared toward visual learners. Whether you’re a first-time parent just beginning your preparations or an experienced one looking for a practical summary, it is for you. You won’t find unfamiliar concepts, but it helps anchor information. It is an open and generic approach to birth that considers both home births and hospital births. No matter where you give birth or how your birth turns out, it allows you to be flexible and make your own choices.

As you read through the booklet, keep in mind that your birth experience can turn out differently than your expectations. I also don’t take it personally if you throw it out the window when your experience starts.

However, what I realized is simple. Having an anchor point in the form of a summary before the birth experience starts helps you feel confident about your ability to give birth. It might even help you trust yourself more, allowing you to lay the foundation for a positive birth experience. Having all the information in one place gave me peace of mind. I hope it does the same for you. And if you still find it overwhelming, remember one thing: breathe, and then breathe again.

You have got this.


Evaline Hagen
Founder of Birth Guides
Author of Your Birth Guide

In my regular job as a Strategic Lead for a Service Design Agency, I design products and services that are created from the needs of specific audiences. This guide has also been developed in the same manner. The content has been shaped by interviews with birthing specialists, as well as with pregnant women before and after birth. The guide is constantly evolving based on insights from new mothers who are giving feedback on this booklet. If you feel you are missing information or have other feedback, I encourage you to voice it through feedback@birthguides.com