Together, we encourage more confidence

Through simple guides, my mission is to lower the barriers to start preparing for birth. To make information widely available, I invite all birth professionals to join the initiative. Feel free to request flyers, books, and posters to share with your audiences.

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Reviewed by midwives

The booklet has been reviewed by midwives in the Amsterdam (Netherlands) area: Vondelpark Verloskundigen, Vive Vroedvrouw, Vroedvrouwen Van der Hoopstraat & Amstermum.

Co-created with to-be parents

Over a year, the prototype has been used in birth preparations with to-be parents. Their extensive feedback has helped to shape a guide that is practical and easy to understand for everyone.

Full Source List

The foundation of Your Birth Guide lies in academic sources, pregnancy books, health care authorities and pregnancy platforms. Areas of focus: the physiological process of birth, developing a Positive Mindset, Relaxation Techniques, the influence of Movement and tactical ways to influence the perception of control during the Birth Experience The full list can be found here

Different tools to support preparations

☞ Your Birth Guide | Booklet

  • Provides a simple summary to most birth preparation books & pregnancy courses
  • Thoughtfully designed for easy understanding & confidence
  • A generic and neutral approach to birth in all settings (home, hospital, birthing center)
  • Valuable starting point for Centering Pregnancy Meetups
  • Covers most interventions and can be used as a starting point for Shared Decision Making

☞ Prenatal Exercises | Poster & Flyers

  • Created with Prenatal Movement Professionals
  • Specific exercises to prepare the body for childbirth in the third trimester
  • No equipment needed, suitable for any environment
  • Ideal as an informational flyer in welcome packages or useful for addressing questions during check-ins
  • Posters can be customised to fit your brand & practice

What would help your audience and fit your practice?

I'm just starting out, so please feel free to let me know what would be most helpful to you. Some ideas include a simple online mini-course, PowerPoint decks & visuals to support your presentations, or documents and flyers with specific information. Whatever your needs, don't hesitate to get in touch, and let's explore the possibilities together.

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